Myself Sarthak Jain. I am a undergrad student from Delhi, India, pursuing Bachelor of Computer Applications. Technically, I am a software developer, who started one year back in the IT industry. I am a freelance full-stack web and js developer. I majorly work with React ecosystem at the frontend and Node.js at the backend with ts. System design, DevOps, Server Side things, Deployment related stuff, and much more are some things that also interest me a lot. Also, I am an LFX mentee for summer 2022 for the Open Mainframe Project organization to the project Zowe CLI.I am a curiosity-driven person who loves to explore tech and likes to collaborate with more and more people.Regarding how I learned the techs, so here community played a huge role in that. I was a commerce student in my high school and had about zero ideas about the IT sector but had a passion to start off. So from the very beginning, I started learning in public, being a part of a lot of communities as an active contributor and as a core team member as well. 💻 And gradually its what you can see on the site. Have a look !

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